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Jakub Bujny

Yesterday Software Engineer, today DevOps Engineer, exactly matching gap between development and administration. I’m Silesian University Of Technology graduate, open source solutions fan, JVM follower and Python programmer. I’m looking with passion on IT progress in cloud scalability, especially in microservices architecture, I believe in Linux, I feel pain when I must click in GUI. Currently I work in Euvic company where I was delegated to ACProject startup as DevOps Team Leader.

Krzysztof Chruściel

Successfully attempted a few eight-thousanders, and some higher classes too. Recently on a cloud number nine with Spring Cloud. A big fan of distributed computing and full decomposition. A contributing conference goer, taking part in Software Craftmansip movement too. An active blogger, whose walls are decorated with books.

Łukasz Czechowicz

CEO, Co-founder and lead programmer at Alrauna Studio. Student of Applied Computer Science at Cracow University of Technology. He has worked with over 6 different engines, mainly Unity3D (4 years), in which he co-created the game "Hostile Dimension" and Unreal Engine 4, which he is using for 1.5 years up to now to create current projects.

Wojciech Domagała

A Computer Science graduate of the Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science faculty of the Silesian University of Technology. A developer with experience in many fields in the software industry, ranging from programming machines in automotive sector to global, scalable services for mobile applications, as well as a coach and lecturer and an author of technical courses. Wojciech has been designing architecture and implementing cloud solutions for over three years. He’s interested in public cloud applications not only on a professional level, but also as a hobby. He’s a frequent attendee of conferences and meetups of the Microsoft Azure User Group Poland and writes his own blog at http://blog.wojtek.pro.

Paweł Gajda

Started as a Production Manager in the film industry. After completing Film Production Studies in the University of Silesia, thanks to his passion for VR and a bit of luck, he started working at Carbon Studio, VR game developer in Poland. Since then, he has worked on several multiplatform VR projects in which he’s been involved both in creative and production aspects of the development.  During the development of Carbon Studio's games, Paweł was responsible for researching VR best practices and implementing efficient design solutions to maximize the potential of virtual reality. 

Łukasz Hacura

Co-founder & CEO at Anshar Studios. Computer science graduate at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He works in the video games industry since 2006. First as a video game programmer, in 2008 became a lead programmer and at the end of 2011 he was given a position of executive producer and head of studio at City Interactive Katowice where he worked till founding of Anshar Studios in 2012. He worked on 17 published video games on various platforms, he specializes in game production management. 

Szymon Homa

Programming with agility software engenieer, leader, mentor, father, friend. Since nine years spanning ideas required for fast and efficient software development as well as long-term product evolution. Software patterns collector, propagator of thesis that "It's null until it's shipped". Enthusiasts of TDD, BDD, DDD, RDD, CQRS, CI/CD. etc. Occasionally shares knowledge with others as a trainer or conference speaker.

Monika Januszek

Graduated Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science faculty at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. 
Initially developer, moved on to quality assurance.
Currently works as Senior Quality Engineer for SAP Hybris in Gliwice, Poland.
Pragmatic tester, prefers to ensure quality as early as possible.
Privately role player and co-founder of maker group Warsztat Miejski

Kasjan Kotynia

Business Analyst at Future Processing. He started his journey in IT as a Quality Assurance Engineer and as such he was working in the area of test automation. His vast knowledge about automatic testing acquired while working in many different projects, has lead him to become an internal trainer at FP, conducting most of the QA training. He has also run a number of workshops during various IT conferences in Poland. As a BA, Kasjan works in projects based on Machine Learning algorithms.

Karol Lasończyk

Alumnus of the faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics, and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology. A traveler who enjoys visiting not necessarily comfortable places, half marathon runner, and participant of a few Runmageddons. Embedded software developer during and after working hours. Currently, a Firmware Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor's office in Kraków. Develops the codebase used in many wireless products based on Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, and 802.15.4 technologies. For some time now, exploring software architecture topics. Privately, a person who likes to dig deeply into issues. First-hand information is only the beginning. Before you do anything – make sure you understand.

Paweł Lewtak

Programmer with 9 years of experience. He has worked on projects from scratch, beginning with analysis and specification to implementation and further development. Great fan of continuous learning, organizer of coding dojo workshops. In his free time he enjoys not only IT books, but also less frequently a player (computer and board). Currently developer at GOG.com

Sebastian Malaca

Sebastian is an experienced and dedicated software engineer specializing in object-oriented design and programming, software architecture, code quality and agile.

His interests include testing, programming, software engineering and agile software craftsmanship.

He's also a speaker (JDD, GeeCon, Confitura, Devoxx, etc.), writer and contributor to several blogs (DZone, JavaCodeGeeks) about Software Development and Agile Software Craftsmanship.

Dawid Mazur

At work a programmer and a team leader, in person huge fan of communities, meetups and free stuff at conferences (food for the most part). Interested in good practices, design patterns and new technologies. Podcasts addict. Program Majster meetup organizer. Hackathon dweller. Feels weird writing about himself in third person.

Arkadiusz Migała

Computer Scientist ? No. Programmer ? No. Software Craftsman ? Yes! I totally agree that making software is a craftsmanship and that’s what I’m trying to do everyday at work. “Technology is not your wife” that’s why I’m enthusiast of new technologies and methodologies in our still changing environment. Silesian University of Technology is a place when everything connected with IT started in my life during studying Computer Science and graduating Engineer and Master of Science title. It will be interesting experience for me to stand on the other side but don’t worry I won’t examine you.

Tomasz Mirowski

A dozen or so years in IT as administrator, developer, architect and "mission impossible specialist".

Nowadays he is designing and implementing business applications and  BigData solutions.

Maciej Mortek

Matt is a developer with years-long experience in web technologies. He has been working with PHP for 7 years now, also writing in languages such as C, C++, or Java somewhere along the way.

For Matt, understanding client’s needs and realization of client’s business goals in an app are crucial. He is an avid believer in developing quality code that meets clearly defined standards. Matt is also interested in various code quality improvement techniques, such as code review.

Katarzyna Niżałowska

Game programmer. Two years ago she left her PhD studies in Computer Science to become a professional game developer. She works at Techland, where she implements gameplay mechanics and develops game systems. Additionally she takes part in the recruitment of intern candidates and shares her knowledge and experience with them. At work she combines her love for programming with her passion for computer, board and role-playing tabletop games.

Mateusz Osuch

A programmer. Graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology. After ten years of working in business software development decided to come to the Dark Side and focus on creating video games. Has been working for Vile Monarch since. Programmer of Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator. A games programming lecturer at the Warsaw Film School. An amateur musician.

Jarosław Pałka

Since over 15 years I have been connected to the IT, as a databases administrator, programmer, architect, manager and "engineer for the disaster recovery". I took part in small, medium and nonsensically big projects that had been conducted both in accordance with methodologies like "waterfall" or Agile and even without any methodology (with always the same result). That has driven me to a conclusion that what you are doing is not important as long as you are doing it right, using the simplest possible way and proper tools which can do the job for you. In the meantime I have become fascinated with ideas of TDD and Software Craftsmanship, to completely exploit and leverage ideas (so beautiful in their simplicity) like REST and NoSQL, just to abandon them for the sake of exploring the secrets of "system thinking" and to be marveled by the force of "metaphore" and discover that we are ruled by the same laws of the "nature".

Rebellious follower of the "JVM church", an explorer of bytecode, JIT and all sorts of parsers, interpreters and compilers. From time to time one can hear my low quality jokes about an architecture during different conferences in Poland. At my spare time I am a trainer at http://symentis.pl, a blogger on http://geekyprimitives.wordpress.com/ and a self-styled dictator within the programme boards of JDD and 4Developers conferences.

Piotr Pelczar

Solution Architect at Euro Bank. Graduate of Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Fascinated with Open Source, DDD and working with business. Pragmatics engineer, software craftsman working with Java, Node.js and PHP. In code review process he strive to encourage to take care of code quality and its testability. He is interested in how databases works. Likes working with business and engineers.

Daniel Pokusa

Another pragmatic person fascinated about agile methodologies, automation and effectivity on daily basis. Programmer closely related to JVM languages and technical team leader. On the other hand trainer and consultant regarding software quality, team organisation, technical recruitment and personal development. Believes that most important thing in software development is good communication, cooperation and knowlegde sharing. Cocreator of SpreadIT Community conference and active participant of IT-related events.Blog: http://software-empathy.pl

Maciej Pryc

Gameplay programmer, graduate in Computer Science from Silesian University of Technology, working in gaming industry for five years. He was gaining his professional experience in The Farm 51 company by working on Deadfall Adventures and Get Even games, nowadays he works on Ancestors Legacy game in Destructive Creations studio. Because of his interests in game design he is spending some of his work time on long discussions with designers and taking a role of game master during tabletop RPGs sessions in his spare time.

Dominik Przybysz

Dominik is developer in TouK, commiter in Apache Aries and contributor in some open source projects. He writes code using generally the JVM languages, occasionally also makes some scripts in python or shell. Dominik loves testing (especially written in Spock) and any automation in the software development process. He takes care of the clean code (his or someone's else) through frequent code review

Marius Rejdak

Python developer and self-taught sysadmin, graduated from AEI faculty at the Silesian University of Technology. Experienced in a lot of environments - from corporate outsourcing to product focused startups. Fascinated with the DevOps movement tries to automate every repeatable process and make the gap between administration and development tighter. Member of Gaming Platform Team at XCaliber, responsible for development of some popular web casinos. Privately large supporter of Linux and FLOSS.

Krzysztof Rosiński

I've made my first sushi on Nintendo DS (Sushi Academy - cut'n'slice game). Later I started to solve mysteries and look for murderers in the Art of Murder and Crime Lab series also on good old DS. When I got bored with blood and dead bodies I’ve jumped into World War II fighter cockpits (Dogfight on PC/Xbox360/PS3). Took a short break on a never released (but still in production) platformer “Bruce: The Game” and to immerse myself in the CAVE tech (shh, top secret). Meanwhile I’m helping a sweet girl named Kara to find her path (Path of Kara on Windows Phone and soon iOS). Then once again I find myself in the middle of a paranormal intrigue with Kate Malone (iOS iPad) but I manage to get out to fill my veins with adrenaline joining forces with characters of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in a fight for peace in the universe (PS4 to PC DLC port).

Tomasz Skowroński

Programmer, JVM languages enthusiast, androids’ friend, APIs traveler, hackathons participant, addicted to coffee and clean code, games player, podcasts and city bikes user, software engineer at Clurgo.

Małgorzata Smoleńska

I have Master degree in Mining and Geology with specialization Mining geodesy. I am working in IT industry since 5th year of my study, and 3 years as a Scrum Master. I’m connected with Big Agile Theory group which is responsible for organizing Agile meetups in Katowice. Additionally I increase my knowledge in coaching area, which gives me opportunity to develop soft skills.

Damian Sobczak

He began his career as a .NET programmer. After a few years he decided to give up his passion and started making games. Currently lead programmer in Black Eye Games, where he co-creates MMORPG game "Gloria Victis".

Mateusz Sulima

Since half a year he is a Web Performance Enginner in the largest Polish e-commerce website - Allegro. His job is to find bottlenecks in page load speed at the front-end. He works with teams on found problems, most of the time optimizing JavaScript and CSS, but sometimes also tuning the networking stack. Earlier he had worked on recommendation and advertising platforms, also often dealing with performance problems in a JVM-based environment.

Sylwia Urbanek

I have Bachelor degree in Public Health and Master degree in Informatics and Econometrics. For the last 5 years I have been working in IT industry, 3 years as a Scrum Master. I’m connected with Big Agile Theory group which is responsible for organizing Agile meetups in Katowice. Additionally I increase my knowledge in coaching area, which gives me opportunity to develop soft skills.

Piotr Urbański

After getting a degree in Games Development at Bucks New Uni, tried to do Web Dev. Quickly realized it's not for him, so he came back to making games, mostly network-based. Currently a Unity Developer at Black Eye Games, studio responsible for Gloria Victis.

Piotr Wittchen

Piotr is a Java Software Engineer at SAP Hybris in the team responsible for the development of the Enterprise Commerce Platform. He graduated Engineering and Master studies of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. He has an experience in development of both server & mobile applications. He is also involved in the open-source community. He created and maintains several libraries for Java and Android, which are used by developers and companies across the globe. He is also a member of the Silesian Java Users Group (SJUG) and shares his thoughts & experiences on the private technical blog at http://blog.wittchen.biz.pl.

Szymon Zachara

Has been coding professionally for over 13 years and as a hobby since he was 10 years old. Starting from simple PHP scripts and Java applets, passing through corporate applications based on JEE platform and Oracle databases as well as mobile apps and finally ending up fulfilling his childhood dream – becoming a game developer. Currently fascinated with Unity environment, fighting for high-quality code and common-sense coding approach. After hours a big fan of board and indie games.

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