V edition of the open, free conference
dedicated to IT themes
18th of November 2017, Gliwice


1. What does registration on the conference's website and confirmation of the presence give to me?

Those who did register on our website, on the day of the event, during a registration process, will receive a starter pack which contains, among others, promotional materials provided by sponsors and patrons, personal id card, and a coupon for a pizza (pizza will be given during a lunch break).

2. What does purchasing a charity 'ticket' give to me?

By purchasing a charity 'ticket' for a charitable aim we chose, each benefactor may help an ailing child to fulfill a dream. Whole income of the auction will be spent for Mam Marzenie" foundation. Here is a hyperlink to the auction.

As a thank for the help, each person purchasing the charity 'ticket' will have a this year's edition T-shirt guaranteed.
T-shirts can be collected during a registration on the day of the event. People collecting T-shirts will be asked then to point out their IDs or e-mail addresses from Allegro.pl portal.

3. I didn't register at the website and didn't take part in charity 'tickets' auction - may I come to the conference?

Certainly, the conference is completely open and free - everyone may enter without prior online registration. Entrance for all lectures during the conference is entirely free as well.

4. I bought a charity 'ticket', do I have to register at the conference's website to get a T-shirt?

By registration one who had bought a charity 'ticket' will be sure to get a T-shirt in a proper size (the size may be specified within a field of a contact form). Not registered person will also get a T-shirt, but receiving a correct size isn't guaranteed then (as we don't know what the size really is).

5. I bought a charity 'ticket' but it has turned out that I won't be able to participate in the conference. Will I receive a promised T-shirt?

Yes - all those who won't be able to take part in the conference (for whatever reasons) but had bought a charity 'ticket', may get the T-shirt at a meeting of IPIJ Students Scientific Group, after previous consulting it with us.

6. What can I do to get a T-shirt?

There are several ways to receive a T-shirt, but purchasing a specialy provided charity 'ticket' is the only one which guarantees that. Additionally, the T-shirt can be obtained by, among others, taking a survey conducted after the conference. Among attendees who filled the questionaire, we draw over a dozen people to whom we will send T-shirts. It is also worth to have a seat at strategically selected places - organizers happen to burst in to a lecture and throw some T-shirts towards the audience :)

7. I have registered for the conference – do I have to come in the morning of the event day to register?
The registration during the conference is the only way to get the starter pack alongside with the t-shirt (if the person is eligible). We open the registration at 8:30 a.m. and we close it at 11:30. If someone cannot come during the hours in question, and he or she would like to receive the starter pack, then all what that person needs to do is to find an organizer (they will wear special t-shirts) and tell them about the starter pack.

8. I have not registered for the conference – do I have to come in the morning to register?
No, the registration during the event day is obligatory only to those, who electronically confirmed their attendance and who are eligible for the starter pack. Those who are not registered may go directly to the lecture halls.

9. Will there be food and beverages during the conference, or we will have to prepare our own provisions?
During the entire event coffee and cold drinks will be available to everyone. Additionally, from 12:30 till 13:10, there is planned a dinner brake, during which a free pizza will be served to everyone.

10. Where are the nearest car parks that can be used?
At the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science are several car parks, which can be freely used. The closest ones are marked here.

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